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Here's How to Thrive in 2023

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

We are all products of our environment. Just like plants, we need the right nutrients and conditions to flourish. Yet unlike plants, we actually have the power and ability to change our environment if it’s not conducive to our growth. What we consume (physically, mentally, emotionally), our relationships, places we spend time, etc. all have an impact on our well-being and who we become. When we audit our environment regularly and become selective about creating a wholesome one, we begin to bloom. Here are some questions to ask yourself this year: -Are my relationships uplifting or draining? -Am I consuming nourishing thoughts and food or toxic ones? -Do I feel energized or drained by my work? -Do I spend time doing activities I enjoy? Here's an excerpt from my latest book, Unravel:

Learning how to nurture yourself, like watering a plant, is essential for blooming into your best self.

If you need uplifting and empowering reminders this season, grab a copy of Unravel or gift one to a friend in need! Now available on Kindle in addition to paperback.


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